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JOANNA CUTRI, a Los Angeles native, has an extensive visual arts background that spans the globe. Her paintings are collected internationally, featured in exclusive design projects, and exhibited in various galleries. She works in various sizes ranging from small, intimate studies to over sized 6-7ft panels. Her complex, personal style combines various mixed mediums and collage elements, resulting in layers upon layers of color, texture and imagery. The recurring theme and signature style of her work is a monochromatic palette, translucent, ethereal layers and fluid, dreamlike shapes that evoke a sense of calm and peace.

Joanna's exposure to different cultures and world travels have greatly impacted how she creates and approaches her own work. Joanna lived and worked in Bali, Indonesia for 10 years. Her vision of life and art were deeply inspired by the rich, creative culture and religion of the Balinese people, as well as the exotic, surrounding nature in which she lived in.

Joanna also lived in the South of France in Biarritz for a year and a half to complete her collection of the Zhang Jie Jia mountains in the Hunan province of central China for her artist in residency program with the Nock Art Foundation in Hong Kong in 2014.


Joanna has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in southeast Asia, Australia, South Africa as well as in the US and in Europe. Joanna received her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the University of Georgia in 1998 after studying in Cortona, Italy.

She currently lives and works in Southern California after having lived in New York City for 3 years.


My paintings are a visual narrative of all my life experiences resulting in a dynamic, multi-layered surface. They evoke curiosity to what lies beneath the complexities of textures and materials. Memories, emotions and ideas are processed and expressed by experimenting with mixed mediums allowing the final painting to just happen. The final piece reveals itself in an intuitive manner. It is a fluid process of discovery, chance happenings, resolution and evolution. It is a visual story telling of my history, culture, experiences and imprints of life expressed. I create my art the way I live my life, remaining open to the possibility of what can be. The cathartic act of creating is an organic and intuitive meditation in motion.


Born: Pasadena, CA

Solo and Group Exhibitions:


2022 River North Design District Gallery Walk, Daniel Kinkade Fine Art, Chicago, IL

2022 Seasons of Heaven, joint exhibition, Chateau Charleval, Provence, France

2021 Fog Shades solo exhibition, Esqueleto, San Diego, CA

2020 Pop-Up group exhibition, Adore Gallery at The Forum, Carlsbad, CA

2019 New Emerging Art group exhibition, L & G Projects Art Gallery, La Jolla, CA

2018 Arts Gowanus Open Studios, Lumena, Brooklyn, NY

2017 Indigo Girls solo exhibition, Gallery Des Artistes Art Gallery, New Hope, PA

2016 Musee Asiatica group exhibition, Biarritz, France

2015 The Zhang Jia Jie Collection solo exhibition, Ping On Lane, Hong Kong

2014 Artist in Residency group exhibition, The Nock Art Foundation, Hong Kong

2013 Hexagon solo exhibition, Taksu Gallery/ W Hotel, Bali, Indonesia

2012 DIFFA group exhibition, Dallas, TX

2012 Joanna Cutri solo exhibition, Grand Provence Estate Gallery, Western Cape, South Africa

2011 An Ambitious Project is Brewing group exhibition, Naka Contemporary Art Gallery, Bali, Indonesia

2011 I am Anonymous solo exhibition, VanOver Fine Arts Gallery, Springville, NY 

2011 Lacuna solo exhibition, Manyung Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2010 True Self group exhibition, Nexus Modern Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

2010 Beauty in Impermanence solo exhibition, Ganesha Gallery, Four Seasons Resort, Bali, Indonesia

2009 City Scapes solo exhibition, Deefusion Gallery, Bali, Indonesia

2008 Hearts and Flowers group exhibition, Folk Tree Collection, Pasadena, CA

2008 Landscapes of My Life solo exhibition, Conrad Bali Resort and Spa, Bali, Indonesia

Private Collections:

Chateau Charleval, Provence, France

The Gene Autry Museum, Los Angeles, CA

Sentosa Villas, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Pandawas Villas, Ubud, Bali Indonesia


Residency Programs:

2014 The Nock Art Foundation, Hong Kong and Hunan, China



2005 The Arts Student League, New York, NY

1998 Bachelors of Fine Arts, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

1996 University of Georgia Studies Abroad Program, Cortona, Italy

1994-1996 Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH

1993 Visual Arts Diploma, Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Los Angeles, CA

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